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General Information

  • - Great patient information on a variety of health topics including nutrition, children's health, and problem based issues.

  • - Health information and tools.

  • - Award-winning medical information site with great health tips, disease-focused information, and wellness advice.

  • - Best site for traveler’s health information and discussion of hot topics in infectious disease including influenza, bio-terrorism, SARS, and West Nile virus.

  • - American Diabetes Association.

  • - Arizona Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

  • - American Cancer Society.

  • - American Heart Association.


  • - American Dietetic Association site with comprehensive nutritional information.

  • - Well organized, online tool for promoting healthier lifestyles including nutrition and activity.

  • - Center for Science in the Public Interest challenges nutritional myths and promotes nutritional information free of commercial biases.

  • - Well organized, online tool for promoting healthier lifestyles including nutrition and activity.

  • - Comprehensive diet and exercise site. Choose from popular diets. Fitness plan tailored to your preferences. More expensive than most, but allows you to pay only for features you want.

  • - Clean, well-designed fitness site. Offers some nutrition analysis. Provides 35-page custom printout and summary. 3-D demonstrations of common exercises.

  • - Comprehensive diet and fitness site. Subscription emphasizes customized program and one-on-one email counseling by a nutritionist.

  • - Primarily a diet site, but offers some exercise information. very flexible system. Calculators find points for foods and recipes.

  • - Customized diet and exercise program with a distinctly athletic bent with video clips of common exercises.

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