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This list is not all inclusive, but offers more information for patients. The Resources section of our website offers extensive information on these areas and more.

*Comprehensive care for acute and chronic illness, including pediatrics, gynecology, dermatology, internal medicine, and geriatric care

*Physical exams for school, sports, camp, employment, insurance, and routine health maintenance check-ups

*Newborn and infant care

*Women's gynecological care including Pap smear, birth control needs, and menopausal care

*Men's healthcare including prostate cancer screening and colon cancer screening

*Adolescent healthcare including their unique emotional needs in the areas of self esteem, body image, health habits along with health issues like acne, cosmetic needs, and weight control.

*Care for minor emergencies, such as lacerations, sprains, insect stings

*Minor outpatient surgery, including biopsy and removal of skin lesions, skin cancer surgery, cyst removal, ingrown toenail surgery

*Cryotherapy (freezing) for sun-damaged and other skin problems

*Joint aspiration and injections

*Cardiovascular screening and evaluation including risk factor analysis, lipid evaluation, exercise prescriptions, arrhythmia monitoring, EKG’s

*Travel (foreign) counseling and immunizations, including Yellow Fever

*Routine vaccinations (child and adult)

*Vision and hearing testing

*Dietary and personal counseling

*Patient education

*Social worker

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